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HGF 150X10(7.5”) High Frequency Welded Pipe the square pipe size70x70-150x150mm,, thickness is from 2.0-10.0mm.

China Hebei Tengtian Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. certification
China Hebei Tengtian Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. certification
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HGF 150X10(7.5”) High Frequency Welded Pipe the square pipe size70x70-150x150mm,, thickness is from 2.0-10.0mm.

HGF 150X10(7.5”) High Frequency Welded Pipe the square pipe size70x70-150x150mm,, thickness is from 2.0-10.0mm.
HGF 150X10(7.5”) High Frequency Welded Pipe the square pipe size70x70-150x150mm,, thickness is from 2.0-10.0mm. HGF 150X10(7.5”) High Frequency Welded Pipe the square pipe size70x70-150x150mm,, thickness is from 2.0-10.0mm.

Large Image :  HGF 150X10(7.5”) High Frequency Welded Pipe the square pipe size70x70-150x150mm,, thickness is from 2.0-10.0mm.

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Hebei
Brand Name: Tengtian
Certification: CE, ISO9001, BV
Model Number: HG63

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Export waterproof and Seaworthy packing.
Delivery Time: 60 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 Sets/Year
Detailed Product Description
Yield Strength Of Raw Material: σs≤340Mpa Tensile Strength Of Raw Material: σb≤520 Mpa
Pipe Size Range: 70x70-150x150mm Thickness: 2.0-10.0mm
Max. Production Speed: 20~50m/min Fixed Cutting Length: 6-15m
Warranty: One Year Welding Type: High Frequency Welding

,产品概述 Produce overview




HG254 high precision high frequency welded pipe production line is mainly to the square pipe size70x70-150x150mm,, thickness is from 2.0-10.0mm. produce the round pipe from 89-190mm with thickness 2.0-10.0mm, the square pipe size70x70-150x150mm,, thickness is from 2.0-10.0mm. This production line each unit equipment, full use of the domestic and foreign similar equipment, innovative design, full control with PC or computer control, advanced technology, convenient operation and maintenance, and reached the international level in the early ninety’s, for the domestic leading level.


  • 原材料,成品,工艺,及用户配置简介

Raw material, Finished product, Process, and User configuration profile


1.适应材料:Raw Material Conditions


Hot rolled or cold rolled steel strip (meet GB700-88,GB1591-88)


δs Yield point ≤345Mpa , δb Tensile strength ≤610Mpa

(3)带钢厚度 Thickness of strip :

1)圆管Round pipe thickness:2.0-10.0mm

2)方管厚度Square pipe thickness 2.0-10.0mm, Rectangle pipe thickness 2.0-10.0mm

(4)钢带宽度Steel strip width:280-600mm(±0.2mm)

(5)钢带内径Steel coil inner diameter:Φ508mm ~Φ760mm (the buyer confirm finally)

(6)钢卷外径Steel coil out diameter:Φ1200-Φ2000mm (the buyer confirm finally)

(7)最大卷重Max coil weight:15,000Kg




2.加工钢管尺寸范围:Pipe size range


1)圆管round pipe: φ89-φ190mm,

2)方矩形管 square tube: 70X70-150X150mm,

(2)生产壁厚Product thickness:

1)圆管round pipe:2.0-10.0 mm

2)方矩形壁厚square and rectangular pipe :2.0-10.0mm



3.产品(钢管)生产工艺流程 Product process


Raw material (strip) - Uncoiler - Cutting and Welding- Feeding - Storage material - Passive leveling - Forming rolling--High frequency welding - Remove the weld burr -Cooling -Sizing-- Coarse straightening - Length cut - Collection


4.产品精度 Product precision:

圆管外径公差 Pipe out diameter tolerance: ±0.1mm


5.配置高频设备HF welder power:



  • 主要设备介绍:

The main equipment introduction

1.上料小车Loading car



钢卷外径 Coil out diameter Φ1200-2000mm
带钢宽度 Strip width 280-600mm
带钢重量 Strip weight Max 15.0 TON
小车运行速度 speed 5m/min



The loading car is used for make the steel coil from loading position to uncoiler. At the same time lift oil cylinder, so that the steel coil inner hole is accurately set on the mandrel of the uncoiler, the uncoiler tension, push back to the original position.

(2)小车升降方式 Loading car lift type :液压 hydraulic

(3)油缸型号 Oil cylinder model: Y-HG1-E200/120x860LF3-L1o

(4)小车运行方式 Loading car working type

: 电机减速机 3KW with motor reducer3KW

(5)工作压力Working pressure: 10Mpa


2.单锥液压开卷机 One mandrel hydraulic Uncoiler




(1)结构形式 Structure: 单锥液压开卷机 One mandrel hydraulic uncoiler


钢卷外径 Coil out diameter Φ1200-2000mm
钢卷内径 Coil inner diameter Φ508mm~Φ760mm
带钢宽度 Strip width 280-600mm
带钢厚度 Strip thickness 2.0-10.0mm
带钢重量 Strip weight Max 15.0 TON
涨缩形式 Expand type 液压涨缩 hydraulic expand
驱动电机 Drive motor 4kw, 380V


mandrel rotation speed


3.直头机Straight head machine



The equipment is used for lead steel strip into leveler smoothly.

There are pressure arm, shovel head composition. Gantry type, up and down uncoil

4.夹送矫平机 Pinch leveling machine





This machine is used for leveling the steel strip head and end, makes it easy for shear and welder.

(2))矫平电机Leveling motor:15KW

(3)夹送辊径 Pinch roll diameter

: Φ210x900mm, roll material :40Cr,

(4)矫平辊径Leveling roll diameter

: Φ160x900mm, roll material :40Cr,

(5)矫平宽度Leveling width:280-600mm

(6)矫平厚度Pinch/Leveling thickness:2.0-10.0mm

(7)送料和矫平速度 Pinch/leveling Speed :0-11M/Min

5. 半自动剪切机及对焊

Semi-automatic shear and welder



(1)用于带钢头尾不规则部分的剪切和对焊,以保证焊管机组的连续生产.Use for shear and welding the steel strip head and ends, ensure the tube mill continuous product.

(2)带钢厚度Steel strip thickness: 2.0-10.0mm

(3)带钢宽度Steel strip width: 280-600mm

(4)钢带强度Steel strip strength:

δs Yield point ≤345Mpa δb Tensile strength ≤610Mpa

(5)剪切方式Cutting type:液压 hydraulic

(6)压紧方式Compress type:液压 hydraulic

(7)焊接方式Welding type: 电机移动焊接welding by motorizing move

(8)Brand: shanghai Co2 welder

(9)液压系统压力Hydraulic working pressure:10Mpa

(10)刀片材质 Blade material: H13

6.卧式活套Horizontal accumulator





This machine is between shear welder and host (forming sizing mill) ,use for after a roll of strip steel are used up, before the next roll strip since prepared from uncoiling, shearing and butt welding time to ensure that the host (forming sizing mill) continuous production and store enough strip steel.


(2)电机品牌Motor brand: WANGPAI



This unit is main include in press& carry material device, accumulator assemble, carry off material unit, electric control unit.


1)夹送料装置 Press & carry material device


Press & carry material device: It is main include frame, electric motor, brake unit, circling direction transfer power axle of the reduce velocity, press & carry roll, pressure air system of guide roll, inspected velocity unit; it can supply the strip steel to accumulator and the mean times it will transfer the carry velocity information to electric control system, when we demand stop carry the material to this unit, it will stop roll to the electric motor and press& carry material roll by the break, and also could adjust the velocity to carry electric motor and the unit carry material velocity.


2)活套体总成 Accumulator frame assemble

: 主要由电机,机座,内圆周辊,中心出料辊,外圈辊及压辊等组成,它可以储存夹送料装置送来的带钢,并可以从中心出料辊轴抽出.

Accumulator frame assemble: include the electric motor, frame , inner circle roll, out circle roll and pressure roll. It can be used to storage the strip steel material from press& carry unit and it could be draw from the center send-off material roll.


3)出料装置 Send-off material device


Send-off material device: include frame, guide direction rolls, guide out roll of high or lower place. It can carry the strip steel to shape system and send the carry out material velocity information to electric control device.





1)储料直径Diameter: 12000mm

2)钢带厚度Steel coil thickness:2.0-10.0mm; 宽度width:280-600mm

3)进料速度Carry material going velocity:Vmax=100-120m/min

4)夹送电机功率 Feeding motor power: DC 90kw Z4-200-31 (厂家maker:WANGPAI)

5)活套体电机Accumulator body motor power: AC 11KWX16 (厂家

6)储料长度 Storage length:500-1000M

  • 成型焊接定径机Forming and sizing mill




(1)机组布置 Unit layout




  • Forming


Break-down BD BD1 BD2 BS3 BD4 BS5 BD6
Cluster   BS7 BS8 BS9
Fin-pass FP FP10 FS11 FP12 FS13 FP14 FS15
2.Welding焊接   SG16 SQ17 IR18
3.Cooling 冷却    
4.Sizing定径 Sizing SZ SS19 SZ20 SZ21 SZ22 SZ23 SZ24 SZ25
Measuring MR MR
Turks Head TH TH26 TH27

1)粗成型机 Rough forming (Break-down, Cluster) :

防跳辊, 喂入,喂入,五辊被动矫平,平,平,立,平,立,平,立,立,立

Feed flat roller, Feeding, Feeding, Five roll passive leveling, Horizontal, Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical, Vertical, Vertical


2)精成型机 Refined forming (Fin-pass)

平,立, 平,立,平,立

Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical


3)焊接工作台 Welding work table



Guide roll, Four roll squeeze, Mechanical scraping, Polishing roll.


4)冷却水槽 Cooling water table


5)定径机 Sizing machine


:立,六架万能机架,测速辊, 两架土耳头

Vertical, Six universal stand, MR , Two set turkey head




(2)机组各部分详细技术参数Detailed technical parameters of each part:


1)喂入平辊Feed flat roller (Feeding leveling roller )


Mainly to upper and lower limit of strip steel, after strip out of the loop smoothly into the forming machine, prevent strip bobbing up and down.


(b)辊径roller SHAFT diameter: Φ150x760mm



Consists of a pair of roller, left and right bracket, the roll material of Gcr15, high frequency quenching process. left and right bracket is steel plate welded structure


(d) 外辊材质 outer roller SHAFT material: GCr15 ,

内周材质inner shaft material: 45#


  • 喂入双立辊 手动调整 Feeding roller (feed double vertical roll)

(a) Adjustment by hand

(b)辊径roller diameter:Φ130mm

(c)外辊材质 outer roller SHAFT material: GCr15 , 内轴材质inner shaft material: 45#


(a)(手动调整 adjust by hand (screw))


Mainly to level the steel strip ,for strip into the machine smoothly, prevent strip bobbing up and down.

(c)外辊直径 outer roller diameter:φ150mm, ,内轴直径:inner shaft diameter:φ50mm




Using above 2 following 3, 5 roller structure, the above two roller can adjust alone, respectively to control the clearance of the upper and lower roll, ensure leveling effect.


(e)Leveling roll diameter: Ф150mm, material Gcr 15, high frequency quenching process


(f)外辊材质 outer roller material: GCr15 ,

内轴材质inner shaft material: 45#


4)水平辊架Horizontal stand

(a) 水平辊架是成型定径机的关键部件,由带钢变为管坯及钢管的尺寸精度的保证都是由它完成,机架精度垂直度≤0.1mm,机架排列纵向传动侧(轧制底线)误差≤0.3mm,滑块,牌坊间隙≤0.05mm.

Horizontal stand is the key components of the forming sizing mill, by the strip into the pipe and the guarantee of the size precision of steel tube is performed by it ,the stand perpendicularity accuracy ≤0.1mm, base line accuracy ≤0.3mm, slide block, stand clearance≤0.05mm


(b) 定径部分(4辊roller)FOR SIZING PART, 6 STANDS

平辊直径 horizontal roller diameter:φ180mm,

立轴直径:vertical shaft diameter:φ100mm,


(c) 水平辊架采用龙门式结构,侧出换辊.

Horizontal stand with gantry structure, side change roller


(d) 水平辊轴直径 :成型Φ180mm,定径:Ф180mm, 材质:42CrM0.粗车后调质处理淬火硬度HRC48-52度,然后精车.精车后高频淬火处理,高频淬火后磨削.平辊轴本身安装跳动≤0.01 mm,传动侧备母一正一反.

Horizontal roll shaft diameter: forming part Φ180mm, sizing part Ф180mm,

material: 42CrMo. after rough turning with heat treatment HRC48-52, and then finish turning, high frequency quenching, and grinding after high frequency quenching .Horizontal roll shaft itself installation jump≤0.01 mm, drive side nut one forward one reverse.


(E) 上下调整方式:蜗轮蜗杆电机调整(2.2kwX13set),丝杆加粗加壮

Adjust up and down method: worm and gear,motor adjustment (2.2kwX13set), screw rod more stronger


(F) 水平架材质 采用Q235板,厚度150mm,以增加机架的强度和耐磨性和时效处理.

Horizontal stand material: Using Q235 plate, thickness 150mm, in order to increase the stand strength, abrasion resistance and aging treatment.


(G) 水平辊下辊下面有过载保护垫,上面前四架带碟簧装置,过载时以减少对水平辊轴及轴承的损伤

Under the lower horizontal roll has overload protection pad, and the front four stand with disc spring device, when overload to reduce the damage of horizontal roller and bearing


(H) 水平辊端盖材质使用Q235A(=A3),以防止在以后的使用过程中,端盖的破损.

Horizontal roller end cover material use Q235A (=A3), in order to prevent in the later use process, the breakage of the end cover, and chrome plating and polishing.


(j) 所有连接螺栓由原来的普通级别改为8.8级高强度螺栓,以保证在以后长期的使用过程中的联接强度和稳定性.

All connecting bolts from the original ordinary level to 8.8 high strength bolt, to ensure that in future the connection strength and stability in the process of long-term use.


(k) 瓦盒与升降丝杆的连接方式为T型槽,实现快速拆,装;

The box and lift screw rod connect by T shape channel, and reach fast disassembly


(l) 平辊轴为蜗轮蜗杆同步升降,上下电机调整

The horizontal roll shaft use worm gear adjust at same time. Up and down by motor.


5)立辊架 Vertical roll stand

(a) 立辊架是成型定径机的关键部件,主要帮助水平辊的变形,防止带钢回弹 立辊架对中采用手动蜗轮蜗杆操作调整,上出换辊,不割管能够取出轧辊.立辊架上有拉板加强结构,立辊和水平机架之间有支撑块支撑.

Vertical roll is the key components of the forming and sizing mill, main help horizontal roller deformation, prevent strip the spring-back. Vertical roll stand adopts worm gear adjusting operation by hand, upper out change roller, no need cut the pipe can take out roller. With a pull plate strengthen device on vertical stand, and also has a support block between the vertical stand and horizontal stand.


(b) 立辊架数量: 9架 ,成型8架,定径1架

Vertical stand quantity: TOTAL 9 stands, forming part 8 stands, sizing part 1 stand


(c) 立辊轴直径:Φ110mm,材质:40Cr.粗车后调质处理,然后精车,精车

后高频淬火处理HRC48-52,高频淬火后磨削 轴承型号:32222

Vertical roll shaft diameter: Φ110mm, material 40Cr, after rough turning with thermal treatment HRC48-52, and then finish turning, high frequency quenching, and grinding after high frequency quenching .

Bearing No.:32222


6)导向辊架 Guide roll stand: 手动丝杠调整 adjust by hand (screw)


Guide roll stand is mainly control the size of the opening corner and the direction of the weld, the weld accurately into the squeezing roller, to ensure the welding quality



Guide roller frame can be plus or minus 20 degrees along the pipe axis rotation, up and down adjustment, adjusted for left and right.



Guide roll shaft diameter: Φ110mm, material 40Cr, after rough turning with thermal treatment HRC48-52, and then finish turning, high frequency quenching, and grinding after high frequency quenching .


(d)轴承型号 32222(圆锥辊子轴承)

Bearing model 32222 (tapered roller bearing)


7)挤压辊架 Squeezing roll stand


Squeezing roll stand is mainly to after the high frequency heating pipe billet extrusion into welded pipe, is a major part to ensure the quality of welding, motor(3kwx3SET) worm gear opening and closing adjustment.



The structure form is four - roll extrusion. up and down,

Centering adjustment is worm gear adjust.

(c)挤压辊轴直径:Φ140mm,上轴直径Φ80mm,材质:40Cr.粗车后调质处理,然后精车,精车后高频淬火处理,高频淬火后磨削 ,淬火硬度HRC48-52.

挤压辊轴承型号:32228, 上轴轴承30216

Squeeze roll shaft diameter: Φ140mm, upper shaft diameter is 80mm, material : 40Cr,

After rough turning with thermal treatment HRC48-52, and then finish turning, high frequency quenching, and grinding after high frequency quenching .

(d)squeeze roller Bearing No. : 32228, upper shaft bearing: 30216


8)刮焊机架 Scraping stand


Scraping stand is mainly to make the welding seam go through scraper, to leveling the welding seam, With two scraping stand. Only one use at ordinary times, the other as spare, to ensure production line run smoothly


(b)气动抬刀:Pneumatic lifting knife


(c)刮焊头可以上下,左右,快速抬刀调整以保证良好的刮焊质量, 刮焊机架采用钢板焊接结构,刮焊头为燕尾结构,材质为铸钢,预留喷锌装置.

Scraping head can up and down, left and right sides, rapid tool adjustment to ensure good scraping quality, scraping stand adopts steel plate welding structure, scraping head is dovetail structure, material is cast steel, the reserved zinc spray device.



(a)结构同水平辊架 Structure is same as the horizontal roller stand

(b)轴径shaft diameter:Φ120mm


10)冷却水槽 Water slot (Water cooling tank)

(a)冷却水槽主要是将焊接完后的钢管充分冷却下来,为后面的定径作准备,以防止成品后再冷却的钢管的变形,8米, 材料:Q235

Mainly to make steel pipe fully cooled down after the welding in preparation for the sizing ,In order to prevent deformation of the finished pipe after recooling. 8 meters.

Material OF PLATE:Q235


(b)主要是钢板焊接结构 Mainly steel plate welding structure


  • MR

(a)飞锯里包含 Include in the mill saw.

(b)测速辊直径Test speed roller φ111.4mm



12)粗矫直 2 Turkish head (Two set turkey head)


It is mainly to straighten the steel tube to ensure the straightness of the finish tube.



When product the square pipe can directly involved in the deformation, is the main part of square pipe production



The structure can go up and down. The left and right sides.



The material is mainly steel welded structure.

Roll stand use enclosed structure, with enough strength.



The structure form is single side 4 roller type.


Straight roll shaft diameter:Φ90mm, material 40Cr, after rough turning with thermal treatment HRC48-52, and then finish turning, high frequency quenching, and grinding after high frequency quenching .


(g)轴承型号 7518(深沟球轴承)

Bearing model: 7518 (deep groove ball bearing)


13)分速箱(三开箱) Gearbox


Gear box is the main transmission part of the whole production line, which is driven to the horizontal roller and drive roller Rotating, make steel formed into steel tube.



Structure form to active spiral bevel gear drive, and then through the spur gear transmission to the upper and lower shaft



The box body is steel plate welded structure,upper and lower separate.



Input and output shaft of 40Cr. Thermal refining


(e)螺旋伞齿轮材质为20CrMnTi,渗碳处理 模数16

Spiral bevel gear material: 20CrMnTi, carbonization treatment, modulus 16

14)主电机 Main motor

(a )是整条设备的总动力 Is the total power of the whole equipment

采用直流电机传动 成型: Z4 160KW 2台,750r/min

定径:Z4 200KW 2台 750r/min

With DC motor drive : forming: Z4 160KW 2 set 750r/min

Sizing : Z4 200KW 2 set 750r/min


15)主减速机 Main reducer

(a)采用硬齿面减速机 成型 ZLY400 二台 速比 20,江苏 国茂

定径 ZSY400 两台 速比31.5 江苏 王牌

Adopt the hard tooth surface reducer.

Forming PART:

*MAIN REDUCER- ZLY400 2 sets, speed ratio: 20(GUOMAO, JIANGSU)

Sizing PART:

*MAIN REDUCER- ZSY400 two set, speed ratio: 31.5 (GUOMAO, JIANGSU)


The worktable adopts steel plate welding structure and table surface milling

16)传动轴 Drive shaft


It is mainly the transmission parts of the horizontal roller frame and the gearbox

(b)传动轴型号 Drive shaft model: SWC285


Horizontal roller add hydraulic fast change structure


  • 台板table


: 工作台面板厚度20mm 立板厚度12mm(中间留水槽)底板30mm

Worktable thickness 50mm,

vertical plate thickness 12mm (middle with water groove) base plate 30mm,



: 分速箱台面40mm,立板12mm,底板30mm.

Gear box table board 40mm, vertical plate 12mm, base plate 30mm


8.铣切锯 Milling saw



Pipe material:Q235,Q355


1.2产品范围:圆管89-190 mm, 厚度范围:2.0-10mm

Round: 89-190 mm, Thickness:2.0-10mm

方管:70x70-150x150 mm, 厚度范围:2.0-10mm

Square:89-190 mm,Thickness:2.0-10mm

(单边最短不能少于70mm,the single side need more than 50 mm )




1.3 最大生产线速度:50m/min(定尺9米时,管径F70mm,壁厚3.0mm)

Max.line speed: 50m/min ( Cutting length is 9 m,the pipe OD is F70mm, and the wall thickness is 3.0 mm.)


1.4 生产线进料方向:?

Production direction of pipe line:


Heigth of the line:


The height from the floor to the bottom of the pipe: mm


The height from the surface of the sizing part, which is to install the speed-measuring device, to the bottom of the pipe:


The size of the place where the speed-measuring roller will be installed:

1.6锯切钢管长度: 6000~15000 mm

Pipe cutting length: 6000~15000 mm


1.7 长度公差:±2 mm(要求生产线速度波动不超过2%)

Cutting precision: ±2 mm (Requirement for line speed instability for rolling mill≤2%)


1.8 切后毛刺高度:Max:0.2 mm

Quantity of burrs: Max: 0.2mm



Adopt servo motors.(日本安川同步伺服)

驱动 37 kw,

Driving motor: 37 kw

主轴 15 kw*2,

Cutting motor: 15 kw*2

进给 2.9 kw*2,

Feeding motor: 2.9 kw*2

大盘旋转 11kw

Rotating motor 11 kw



There’re entrance guide rollers(up and down rollers) on the basement of the equipment. There’re guide rollers (up and down rollers) in front of the blade and there’s a supportting roller behind the clamps.




There’s a steel brush for the blade, which can be fix or take off to clean the iron chips of the blade.


2.5采用镶钢导轨, 双侧配有小车安全缓冲器,共2件;

The guide rails adopt GCR15 material, there’re two safe buffers.



Clamp driving structure (hydraulic):



Adopt 3 growps of clamps (hydraulic), and the cooling style of the hydraulic station is water colling or air cooling.



With the equipment, we’ll provide one set of the clamps. The entrance part of the clamps are cone shape, which is designed to avoid scatching the pipes.


There’re signal and size on the clamps.


The sufaces of the clamps are quenched.



There’s cooling shower circuit to clean the chips on the blade and clamps.



The cutting process is with 5 stages, the cutting speed and the feeding speed are both changeable.


2.8 机械设备中的所有管路满足以下要求:

All the circuit of the equipment satisfy the following requirements.

· 坦克拖链足够宽,确保证内部有足够空间;

There’s enough room in the tank chain.


There’s isolation strips in the tank chain to seperate the oil pipes, water pipes and wires from each other.



Please see the attached drawing for the anchor bolts’location. We’ll provide a set of anchor bolts with the equipment.


3. 数控冷切削飞锯控制要求:

NC Cold Saw Electrical Control requirement.



Electrical control system


3.1.1 人机界面采用10寸PROFACE彩色液晶触摸屏;

The HMI is a 10〞PROFACE color crystal touch screen.


3.1.2 台车行走,锯片进给,主轴,主轴旋转采用日本安川伺服电机及伺服驱动器;

The cart driving and rotating and blade feeding and blade cutting all adopt siemens servo motors and drivers.

3.1.3 控制系统

motion controller is M3 series.



Encoder one piece (Switzerland ELCO)


3.1.5 接近开关一套(3个)

Approaching switches one set (3 pcs)



Control cabinet one set and control console one set.



There’s an alarm light on the control console which shows trouble alarm.



An emergency stop button is provided.(A ready singal is needed given to the console and the touch screen shows the touble signals.)



The crystal touch screen shows the running parameters of the saw and 16 groups cutting parameters can be saved in the controller.



Control requirements for the interrelated equipments.(There’s flowing controls on the control console.)



According to the defective product signals from the turbine flaw detection to confirm the direction of the defective product and confirm the auto certified or defective product selecting function of the product separating rollers.


Realize the interlock with the sizing part. (Emergency stop, Signals of saw ready)


3.6.3 操作台上配有一个次品按钮,不管飞锯在自动或手动状态下,只要按动此按钮,辊道都按次品项拨料;

There’s a defective product button on the control console and whichever state the saw is, press the button, then the product separating rollers will deal with the product as defective one.

9.Run-out table, Conveyor







The finished pipes run along the Roll Table and to be automatically moved onto the Bench. Then simple Packing Machine packs the pipes in hexagon shape.


roller diameter:190mm

Motor:3kw x4 set





600kw High frequency welder:(sanzheng)

1. Technical description

1.1 Technical parameter of 600kW welder

Integrated welder GGP-600/0.3-CC:

  • Nominal power:600kW
  • Rated DC power: :Pd=600kW
  • Rated DC voltage::UdN=450V
  • Rated DC current: IdN=1340A
  • Whole efficiency: η≥85%
  • Output power: Pout>600kW
  • Designed frequency: f=200~250kHz
  • MOSFET inverter: 100kW×6
  • Line incoming cable: 300mm2×2 pc/phase


Water-water cooler:

  • Adopt water-water heat exchanger
  • Cooling capacity: 210kW
  • Rated power of in-line pump: 11kW
  • Working flow of in-line pump: 65.4m3/h
  • Lift of in-line pump: 32m
  • Soft water tank volume: 0.55 m3
  • Area of heat exchanger: 20m2
  • External circulation water inlet temperature: ≤35℃
  • Water inlet pressure: 0.25~0.45MPa

2. Supply list

600kW solid state HF welder

(1 unit)

Switchgear rectifying cabinet 1
Inverter output cabinet 1
Console(with PLC) 1
Connecting optical fiber 1
3-D positioning table 1
Air conditioner 1
Water-water Cooler 1
DC drive TSK-500/440-LS 3
HGF 150X10(7.5”) High Frequency Welded Pipe the square pipe size70x70-150x150mm,, thickness is from 2.0-10.0mm. 0

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