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Steel Strip Coil Hg63x4.0 2.5" 25mm - 63mm Erw Pipe Mill CE Passed High Frequency Tube Mill

China Hebei Tengtian Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. certification
China Hebei Tengtian Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. certification
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Steel Strip Coil Hg63x4.0 2.5" 25mm - 63mm Erw Pipe Mill CE Passed High Frequency Tube Mill

Steel Strip Coil Hg63x4.0 2.5" 25mm - 63mm Erw Pipe Mill CE Passed High Frequency Tube Mill
Steel Strip Coil Hg63x4.0 2.5" 25mm - 63mm Erw Pipe Mill CE Passed High Frequency Tube Mill Steel Strip Coil Hg63x4.0 2.5" 25mm - 63mm Erw Pipe Mill CE Passed High Frequency Tube Mill

Large Image :  Steel Strip Coil Hg63x4.0 2.5" 25mm - 63mm Erw Pipe Mill CE Passed High Frequency Tube Mill

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hebei
Brand Name: Tengtian
Certification: CE, ISO9001, BV
Model Number: HG63
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Export waterproof and Seaworthy packing.
Delivery Time: 60 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 Sets/Year
Detailed Product Description
Yield Strength Of Raw Material: σs≤340Mpa Tensile Strength Of Raw Material: σb≤520 Mpa
Pipe Size Range: φ16-75mm Thickness: 0.8-4mm
Max. Production Speed: 20~150m/min Fixed Cutting Length: 6-15m
Warranty: One Year Welding Type: High Frequency Welding
High Light:

63mm erw pipe mill


25mm erw pipe mill


CE Passed erw tube mill

Technical Proposal & Quotation




HG 63x4.0mm Pipe Mill Line (2.5)




I. Summary

HG63x4.0 (2.5)high frequency welded pipe production line is used to manufacture welded steel pipe of Φ25mm-Φ63mm, square pipe 20x20-50x50mm, with 0.8mm-4.0mm of wall thickness. After we absorbed advanced pipe making technology from both abroad and domestic, our innovative designed production line and each single unit of the production line is not only economical but also practical.


II. Basic Conditions:

2.1 Steel pipe specification

2.11 Round Pipe: φ25—φ63.5mm Thickness: 0.8-4mm

2.12 Square Pipe: 20X20-50X50mm Thickness: 0.8-4mm

2.2 Strip steel

2.2.1 Strip steel width: 70mm-200mm Strip steel thickness:0.8-4mm

2.2.2 Galvanized coils and HRC: δb≤500Mpa σs≤355MPa


2.2.3 Steel strip coil: Inner diameter: Φ508mm (customer confirm finally)

Outer diameter: Φ1000mm-2000mm (customer confirm finally)

2.2.4 Steel strip weight: Max 4.0T

2.3 Electric installed capacity: approximately 650KW Power supply: 380V, 60Hz (customer confirm finally)

2.4 Forming speed: Max. 150 m/min

P.S: Max. diameter& max. thickness doesn’t correspond with the max. speed

2.5 Size of the whole line: Approx. 80X6m

2.6 Direction of input material: buyer supply finally


III. The technical flow of the production line

Uncoil → Cutting head tail → Strip Steel head-tail welding → Spiral accumulator(buyer supply)

→ Forming → High frequency induction welding → Removing external burr → Sizing →zinc painting(buyer supply)→ Cutting→ end facer →Stack→Checking& collecting → Accessing Warehouse


IV. Equipment makeup and main parameters of single unit:

  • Double Cone Uncoiler (with keep on coil device)

This equipment has double cone clamping . The end opener has press roller,. The uncoiler cones head clamp the steel coil with the function of cone. Then press roller of the end opener moves down to tighten steel coil. The uncoiler cone rotating, the ends opener peeler swings up and close to the coil. When steel coil head rotate to the peeler,

Inner diameter of the strip steel:Φ 508mm (the buyer supply finally)

Outer diameter of the strip steel:Φ max=2000mm

Strip steel width: 70mm-200mm

Strip steel thickness: 0.8-4mm

The maximum weight of the strip steel: 4.0T

Hydraulic expansion

Pneumatic break





2.Straight head and pinch leveling machine


This unit is main used to lead the new coil steel head feed into the flattener unit after uncoiler unit bring the coil into the working place.

straight head motor power :AC1.5KW

processing pressure:7Mpa

The leveling unit with 2 roll pinch and 5 roll leveling.

pinch roll diameter:Ф140mm

leveling roll diameter:Ф110mm

pinch and leveling motor:15kw


3.Shear and Welder


It is used to parallel cut the tail of the steel strip, which has just gone into the accumulator, and the head of the strip coming out of uncoiler, and then weld them together.


Hydraulic Shearing and manual welding Strip steel width: 70mm-200mm

Strip steel thickness: 0.8-4mm

Centering way: manual

4. Spiral accumulator




  • This unit is main include in press& carry material device, accumulator assemble, carry off material unit, electric control unit.
  • It is main include frame, electric motor, brake unit, circling direction transfer power axle of the reduce velocity, press & carry roll, pressure air system of guide roll, inspected velocity unit; it can supply the strip steel to accumulator and the mean times it will transfer the carry velocity information to electric control system, when we demand stop carry the material to this unit, it will stop roll to the electric motor and press& carry material roll by the break, and also could adjust the velocity to carry electric motor and the unit carry material velocity.
  • Accumulator frame assemble: include the electric motor, frame , inner circle roll, out circle roll and pressure roll. It can be used to storage the strip steel material from press& carry unit and it could be draw from the center send-off material roll.
  • Send-off material device: include frame, guide direction rolls, guide out roll of high or lower place. It can carry the strip steel to shape system and send the carry out material velocity information to electric control device
working style: change circle carry material going velocity Vmax=240m/min

More material

No strike

Pinch form



steel coil thickness 0.8-4.0mm Diameter 4m
width 70-200mm    
electric motor power of the press & carry AC 22KW
the electric motor of the accumulator frame AC 37KW




5. Forming & Sizing Mill Forming Section:


Horizontal Roll Stands: 7 Vertical Roll Stands: 9

Welding Section:

Guide Roll Stand; Squeeze Roll Stand; weld scraping stand; Grinding Stand; Water Cooling


Sizing Section:

Horizontal Roll Stands: 5 Vertical Roll Stands: 5

Turks Head: 2Sets (4 Roll Type)

Main AC Motor: Forming Section: 90Kw 1 Set(SIMENS);

Sizing Section: 110Kw 1 Set(SIMENS)

Main Reducer: 2 Sets


Equipment Main Structure and Performance


Feeding Set

Mainly to upper and lower limit of strip steel, easy for strip out of the loop smoothly into the forming machine, prevent strip bobbing up and down.

Consists of a pair of roller and left and right bracket, the roll material is Gr15, high frequency quenching process.Quenching hardness HRC58-62, the left and right bracket is the steel plate welding structure


Five roll Passive leveler machine

Mainly to level off the steel strip ,for strip into the machine smoothly, prevent strip bobbing up and down

Using upper 2 lower 3 five roller type structure, the above two roller can adjust alone, respectively to control the clearance of the upper and lower roller, ensure leveling effect, leveling roll material is Gr15, high-frequency quenching, quenching hardness HRC58-62


Horizontal roll stand

Horizontal roller frame is the key components of the forming and sizing mill,by the strip into the pipe billet and the guarantee of the size precision of steel tube is done by it

Horizontal roller stand with gantry structure, side out roll change


Diameter of Horizontal Roll Shaft is Ф80mm(gear model:back #3516,former #32216); material is 42CrMo; high frequency quenching.


Adjust up and down method: manual .



Under of the lower roller of horizontal roller has overload protection pad, when overload to reduce the damage of horizontal roller and bearing


Protect the cushion material is HT200


Horizontal roll axis increase roller fixed end trimming nut, is advantageous for the production of thin material adjustment

Horizontal roller end cover material from the original HT200, instead of Q235A, in order to prevent in the later use process, the breakage of the end cover.On the end cover seal uses oil seal.In order to prevent the scale and iron into the bearing, increase the service life of bearing, all connecting bolts from the original ordinary level to 8.8 high strength bolt, to ensure that in the future the connection strength and stability in the process of long-term use.


Frame and link table USES four 8.8 high strength bolt, ensure the rack in the later production process stability and accuracy


Vertical roll stand

Vertical roll stand is the key components of the forming and sizing mill, main help horizontal roller deformation, prevent strip rebound, absorb part of the edge of the waiting stretching


Vertical roll stand adopts single screw adjusting operation, on the roll change



Diameter of Roll Shaft is Ф50mm, material is 40Cr, high frequency quenching.


Vertical roll materials adopts the cast steel, with the tension plate device on the vertical roller, vertical roller with upper and lower adjusting nut,the height could be "tuned", In order to adjust production thin material like climbing a hill


Weld Seam Guide Stand

Weld Seam Guide Stand is mainly control the size of the opening corner and the direction of the



weld, the weld accurately into the extruding roller, to ensure the welding quality, guide roller frame can be plus or minus 20 degrees along the pipe axis rotation, adjust up and down, and around.

Shaft diameter φ55(gear model# 7511)


Squeeze Roll Stand

Squeeze Roll Stand is mainly to the high frequency heating pipe billet extrusion into welded pipe, is a major part of the guarantee welding quality, extruding roller frame structure is the same with vertical roll


Squeeze Roll Shaft Dia. is Ф60mm(gear model #7512); material is 40Cr; high frequency quenching.

Conditioning treatment after rough turning, and then finish turning, after finishe turning high frequency quenching treatment, grinding after high frequency quenching


Remove external burr Device


It is used to scrap weld seam and remove external burr. It is made up of two cutters for using alternately. If one is damaged, the other one will take the place to scrap. Scrapers can be adjusted and have the quick lift function by cam. There are two supporting roller underneath knife rest, in order to bear the overdraft of scraping.


Water cooling


It is used to chill weld area for ensuring steel pipe be straighten precisely. It adopts the structure type that combines sprinkling and water bath into one.

Sizing machine


Rough Straightening Device(turkey head)



Another name is Turks head and stated at the last part of sizing mill, it is used to straight strip pipe coarsely. It is made up of two sets of four- roller straightening and head can revolve and adjust for right and left. It utilizes three-point way to straight steel pipe.


Cardan Axle Assembly

It is used to connect gearbox and horizontal roll stand, it also connect main gearbox and



extension gearbox. It adopts tailor-made transmission shaft. It is advantageous for using, maintain, changing and matching, also it owns overload safeguard function for horizontal stand.

Reduction gearbox

Unit reducer adopts secondary screw arc gear reducer. Each reducer consists of a pair of spiral arc gear and two on cylindrical gear. The advantage of speed reduction gear box is sturdy and durable, low cost of maintenance and replacement. bevel gear material: 20CrMnTi




6.Cold Saw (kaikong)


It is used to precisely cut the pipe to length automatically under the condition that the pipe continuously delivered from the mill at high speed.

Drive motor 15KW servo motor (Japan Yaskawa);
Cutting motor

22KW variable frequency,Siemens


Feed motor

servo motor 4.4KW (Japan Yaskawa)



Feed saw mode Pneumatic
Fixed length 6-15m
Fixed length accuracy ±2㎜
Max speed 150m/min



7.Output Roll Table (22m) and pipe turn over device



It is used to carry pipe after cutting by cold saw. Structure and work principle:

It is made up of bench and drive electric machine. The pipe is carried to blanking place by round roller and then will start collecting.



8.GGP400KW Solid State High Frequency Welder


Maker: sanzheng


Equipment description

1.1 Technical parameter of 400kW welder

Integrated welder GGP-400/0.3-CC:

  • Nominal power:400kW
  • Rated DC power: :Pd=400kW
  • Rated DC voltage::UdN=450V
  • Rated DC current: IdN=890A
  • Whole efficiency: η≥85%
  • Output power: Pout>400kW
  • Designed frequency: f=250~300kHz
  • MOSFET inverter: 100kW×4
  • Line incoming cable: 185mm2×2 pc/phase


Water-water cooler:

  • Adopt water-water heat exchanger
  • Cooling capacity: 140kW
  • Rated power of in-line pump: 7.5kW
  • Working flow of in-line pump: 50m3/h
  • Lift of in-line pump: 32m
  • Soft water tank volume: 0.55 m3
  • Area of heat exchanger: 15m2
  • External circulation water inlet temperature: ≤35℃
  • Water inlet pressure: 0.25~0.45MPa

Steel Strip Coil Hg63x4.0 2.5" 25mm - 63mm Erw Pipe Mill CE Passed High Frequency Tube Mill 0

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