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Strip Width 150 To 360mm High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Strip Thickness 1.5 To 6.0mm

China Hebei Tengtian Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. certification
China Hebei Tengtian Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. certification
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Strip Width 150 To 360mm High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Strip Thickness 1.5 To 6.0mm

Strip Width 150 To 360mm High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Strip Thickness 1.5 To 6.0mm
Strip Width 150 To 360mm High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Strip Thickness 1.5 To 6.0mm Strip Width 150 To 360mm High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Strip Thickness 1.5 To 6.0mm Strip Width 150 To 360mm High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Strip Thickness 1.5 To 6.0mm Strip Width 150 To 360mm High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Strip Thickness 1.5 To 6.0mm

Large Image :  Strip Width 150 To 360mm High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Strip Thickness 1.5 To 6.0mm

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hebei
Brand Name: Tengtian
Certification: CE, ISO9001, BV
Model Number: HG114
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Export waterproof and Seaworthy packing.
Delivery Time: 60 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 Sets/Year
Detailed Product Description
Yield Strength Of Raw Material: σs≤300Mpa Tensile Strength Of Raw Material: σb≤500 Mpa
Thickness: 1.5-6.0mm Max. Production Speed: 20~60m/min
Fixed Cutting Length: 8-12m Pipe Size Range: Ф48-114mm
Warranty: One Year Welding Type: High Frequency Welding
High Light:

6mm high frequency welded pipe mill


hg high frequency welded pipe mill


360mm high frequency welded tube mill

HG114 ERW Pipe Mill Line is designed to produce round pipe (Diaφ48-114mm, thickness 1.5-6mm). Adopting roll pass design, the production line can manufacture welded steel pipes with good quality machining and high precision assembling.



Design guideline :

● Improve operational performance and production performance;

● Improve the environment and security of the operations;

● Improve product stability;

● Improve product productivity;

● Reduce roll costs.


According to the designing guideline of improving the operating character & environment and the safety & producing character, reducing the cost of the roller to guarantee high efficiency, HG114 production line adopts the double-radius hole style of design.

  • Material Specifications:

Conforming to the YB189-64 standard

(1)Material: Low carbon steel and low alloy constructional steel

(2)Mechanical properties: σb≤520Mpa,σs≤340MPa

(3)Strip Width: 150~360mm

(4)Strip Thickness: 1.5~6.0mm

(5)Steel strip coil: Inner Diameter of Coils:φ480~φ520mm

Outer Diameter of Coils:φ1000~φ1800mm

(6)Coil Weight: ≤5T

  • Main specifications of welding pipe products:

(1)Pipe Size: Round: φ48~φ114mm

(2)Wall Thickness of Pipes: 1.5~6.0mm

(3)Fixed Cutting length: 8~12m

(4)Pipe-cutting Precision: ±1.5mm

  • Forming Speed : 20~60m/min
  • Power, Water & Air Supply:


Power Volume of the Line Approx.750KW

Power Source 380V/50Hz/3phases

(2)Circulation Cooling Water:

Flow: 30T/h~40 T/h

Pool Volume: 40m3

(3)Compressed Air

Flow: 5m3/min

Pressure: 5~7kg/ cm2

  • Workshop:

10m wide, 120m long, 5m high,

Loading car

The coil car is used for make the steel coil from loading position to uncoiler. At the same time lift oil cylinder, so that the steel coil inner hole is accurately set on the mandrel of the uncoiler, the uncoiler tension, push back to the original position.


Load-bearing: 5.0T

Moving motor power: 2.2KW





The uncoiler is of the structure of double expansion and cantilever mandrels. It contains two main parts: main body and the fixed base. The main body is equipped with pneumatic system to satisfy the needs of expanding, contracting and braking of the mandrels.


OD of coil Φ1000-1800mm
ID of coil Φ480-520mm
Thickness of strip 1.5-6.0mm
Width of strip 150-360mm
Weight of single strip Max5T
Expansion Type hydraulic expand
Break Pneumatic driving



  • Straightener unit

Positive and negative two-way loading.This unit is main used to lead the new coil steel head feed into the flattener unit after uncoiler unit bring the coil into the working place.

Processing pressure:7Mpa

Electric motor power:2.2KW


  • Flattener unit

This unit is main used to flatten the head and trail of the strip steel and prepare for the next step cutting and shear welding so as to ensure the strip steel opposed flate and straight in the shear welding.

Flattener level and pressing capability:

The style of the adjust velocity:No grade of the adjust velocity

The structure style:Pressing & carry,Five roll flattener unit

Up & down style:Hydraulic system

Width of the flattener:150-360mm

Flattener thickness :1.5-6.0mm

Electric motor power:15KW





  • Automatic shear and welder

Used to cut off the irregular part of the tape head and tail, and align the tape tail of the previous coil with the tape head of the next coil, and weld them together to continuously feed the looper.


Structural form: shear welding bed, pinch feeding device, double centering device, double shearing shearing system, shearing plate system, welding bottom plate driving system, etc.


Strip width 150-360mm
Welding thickness 1.5-6.0mm
Cutting Type Hydraulic
Welding Mode Automatic
Hydraulic pressure 8-10MPa
Working Cycle Max.180 seconds





  • Horizontal accumulator 6.5M

This machine is between shear welder and host (forming sizing mill) ,use for after a roll of strip steel are used up, before the next roll strip since prepared from uncoiling, shearing and butt welding time to ensure that the host (forming sizing mill) continuous production and store enough strip steel.

This unit is main include in press & carry material device, accumulator assemble, carry off material unit, electric control unit:

(1) press & carry material device:It is main include frame, electric motor, brake unit, circling direction transfer power axle of the reduce velocity, press & carry roll, pressure air system of guide roll, inspected velocity unit; it can supply the strip steel to accumulator and the mean times it will transfer the carry velocity information to electric control system, when we demand stop carry the material to this unit, it will stop roll to the electric motor and press & carry material roll by the break, and also could adjust the velocity to carry electric motor and the unit carry material velocity.

(2)Accumulator frame assemble: include the electric motor, frame , inner circle roll, out circle roll and pressure roll. It can be used to storage the strip steel material from press& carry unit and it could be draw from the center send-off material roll.

(3)Send-off material device: include frame, guide direction rolls, guide out roll of high or lower place. It can carry the strip steel to shape system and send the carry out material velocity information to electric control device.



working style change circle
carry material going velocity Vmax=120m/min
advantage More material, No strike
Pinch form Pneumatic, 6Mpa
steel coil thickness 1.5-6.0mm
width 150-360mm
electric motor power of the press & carry 30kw
the electric motor of the accumulator frame 55kw



Forming & Sizing


Detailed technical parameters of each part:The forming & sizing unit is the vital equipment to the pipe mill line. This unit abide by the roll frame theory. It could continue process some specification steel tube by no-contact welding, that is carrying some strip steel to this unit and let it passing the frame roll to frame tube raw, and then take the electric fluid together on the tube welding surface so as to treat the tube temperature higher to suit welding by the pressing roll welding, and then after cooling, forming sizing and flattener to product what is your demand tube


Forming Pipe OD. Round:Φ48-114mm
Forming Pipe Wall Thickness 1.5-6.0mm
Forming speed Max.60m/min
Number. of forming stands, horizontal 7
Number. of forming stands, vertical 9
Guide Roll Stand 1
Squeeze Roll Stand 1
Grinding Roll Stand 1
Bur Scraping Cutter 2 Sets
No. of sizing stands, horizontal 5
Number. of sizing stands, vertical 5
Turks Head 2 sets with single head
Shaft dia. and material of horizontal roll stand Φ100mm, Material 40Cr
Shaft dia. and Material of vertical roll stand Φ60mm, Material 40Cr


  • Cold Saw

The cold cutting saw ia able to cut tubes with speeds up to 100m/min An automatic control system allows to optimize blade positioning according to the tube diameter and thickness,setting the speed of feeding and rotation of the blades. this system is able to increase the quality of the cut surface. no burr. in the work process eliminating mechanical clearance, reduce the influence of cold cutting saw blade, saw blade small wastage, reduce the production cost. improve the machine service life.


▲ Automated sawing tubes inline/offline & High Production

▲ High Speed Steel or Carbide Tipped Blades

▲ Almost fit for a variety of tube profiles

▲ Remove secondary chamfering or de-burring

▲ Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, HSLA

▲ High speed and high precision cutting.

▲ Excellent cutting edge, no burrs & save costs



Maximum linear speed: 80m/min

Cutting length range: 8 ~ 12meters

Cutting length accuracy: ±1.5mm (Line speed fluctuation does not exceed 2%)

Feeding direction: according to customer require

Cutting type: Double saw blade, milling cut

Equipment function: Automatic, manual, It has the function of cutting short ruler

Drive motor: 22KW servo motor

Cutting motor: 22KW variable frequency

Feeding motor: servo motor5.5KW

Range of rotation speed: 260-280r/min

Clamp type: hydraulic

clamp:2set (other size supply drawings for each model,self made)

The saw bed, sawing machine, rotary disk system and cutting system with annealing treatment.



  • Transit roller + Unloading Rack

The finished pipes run along the Transit roller and to be automatically moved onto the Bench. Then simple Packing Machine packs the pipes in hexagon shape.

Motor: 3kw x2 set

Length: 24m


  • Hydraulic testing machine

Φ48~Φ114.3mm Double-station hydraulic testing machine

Technical parameter:

1. Diameter range of test steel pipe: Φ48~Φ114.3mm

2. Length of test steel pipe: 8~12 meters

3. Test steel pipe material: ASIM A106/450/570, API 5L

4. Tolerance of steel pipe outer diameter: ±0.2%

5. Maximum test pressure of steel pipe: ≤10MPa (100bars)

6. Holding time (settable): 3~5sec

7. Number of roots per test (double station): 2 roots

8. Sealing form: radial seal

9. Pressure test medium: emulsion/water

10. Low pressure water filling method: pre-filled water (low pressure pump, water system, etc.)

11. Pressurization method: pressurization of high-pressure pump

12. Equipment installed capacity: ≈130KW

13. Efficiency (holding pressure 5S): The maximum productivity is 4-6 pieces/min, but the air supply pressure from the air compressor to the equipment shall not be lower than 0.6Mpa.



Work process:

Upper pipe → align → chain transport to the water pressure center → clamp → fixed and mobile end test head extends to seal both ends of the steel pipe → low-pressure water fills with water, exhausts → closes the water filling valve and exhaust valve → pressurizes → Protects pressure→Relieve pressure→Retract the fixed and mobile end test head→Clamp loose→Send the steel pipe out of the chain→empty water→discharge


Automatic palletizing machine

This machine is used to collect, stack steel pipe into 6 or 4 angles, and bundle automatically. It runs stably without manual operation. Meanwhile, eliminate the noise and knocking of shock of steel pipes. Our packing line can improve your pipes quality and production efficiency, reduce cost, as well as eliminate potential safety hazard.


  • Roller

Material: Cr12

Hardness of roller: HRC58-62

Deepness of quench hardening: ≥ 10mm

Roughness of surface: Ra≤0.8um


  • 400KW High Frequency Welder

Technical parameter of 400kW welder

· Integrated welder GGP-400/0.3-CC:

· Nominal power:400kW

· Rated DC power: :Pd=400kW

· Rated DC voltage::UdN=450V

· Rated DC current: IdN=890A

· Whole efficiency: η≥85%

· Output power: Pout>400kW

· Designed frequency: f=250~300kHz

· MOSFET inverter: 100kW×4

· Line incoming cable: 185mm2×2 pc/phase

Strip Width 150 To 360mm High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Strip Thickness 1.5 To 6.0mm 0

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