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Hr High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Diameter Max 208mm Thickness Max 8mm

China Hebei Tengtian Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. certification
China Hebei Tengtian Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. certification
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Hr High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Diameter Max 208mm Thickness Max 8mm

Hr High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Diameter Max 208mm Thickness Max 8mm
Hr High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Diameter Max 208mm Thickness Max 8mm Hr High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Diameter Max 208mm Thickness Max 8mm

Large Image :  Hr High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Diameter Max 208mm Thickness Max 8mm

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hebei
Brand Name: Tengtian
Certification: CE, ISO9001, BV
Model Number: HG208
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Export waterproof and Seaworthy packing.
Delivery Time: 60 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 Sets/Year
Detailed Product Description
Yield Strength Of Raw Material: σs≤300Mpa Tensile Strength Of Raw Material: σb≤500 Mpa
Thickness: 1.5-8mm Max. Production Speed: 20~60m/min
Fixed Cutting Length: 6-12m Pipe Size Range: φ76-φ203mm
Warranty: One Year Welding Type: High Frequency Welding
High Light:

208mm high frequency welded pipe mill


8mm high frequency welded pipe mill


hr high frequency welded tube mill

Produce overview


HG 165.2x9(7”) high precision high frequency welded pipe production line is mainly to produce the structural pipe. Produce the round pipe from 76-203mm with thickness 1.5-8.0mm, the square pipe size60x60-160x160mm,, thickness is from 1.5-8.0mm. This production line each unit equipment, full use of the domestic and foreign similar equipment, innovative design, full control with PC or computer control, advanced technology, convenient operation and maintenance, and reached the international level in the early ninety’s, for the domestic leading level.

  • Raw material, Finished product, Process, and User configuration profile


1Raw Material Conditions

(1) Hot rolled or cold rolled steel strip

(2) Material:SRT355, SGT355 (STK490, SGH490, POSMAC)

(3) Thickness of strip : 1.5-8.0mm

(4) Steel strip width:240-640mm

(5) Steel coil inner diameter:Φ508mm

(6) Steel coil out diameter:Φ1200-Φ2000mm (the buyer confirm finally)

(7) Max coil weight:10ton

(8) Mill speed: Max 60m/min

(9) Strip edge condition:slitter

(10)  Line direction: Right → Left (the buyer confirm finally)

2. Pipe size range

(1) OD:

1) round pipe: φ76-φ203mm,

2) square tube: 60x60-160X160mm,

(2) Product thickness:1.5-8.0mm

(3) Length:4-7M

(4) Speed:max 60m/min



t (mm) Remark
1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.0
60x60 60 58 57 47 37 - - -
100x50 60 58 57 47 37 - - -
100x100 60 58 55 45 35 30 - -
125x125 - 57 53 43 33 26 22 -
150x100 - 57 53 43 33 26 22 -
160x160 - - 50 40 30 25 20 15
200x100 - - 50 40 30 25 20 15


  • Product process

Uncoiler→straight head→shear and welder→accumulator→forming→HF welder →bead cutter→cooling →sizing → turkey head → saw → run out table →straightening machine (option)→end facer →packing →store

  • The main equipment introduction

1. Loading car


Coil out diameter Φ1200-2000mm (buyer confirm finally)
Strip width 240-640mm
Strip weight Max 10 TON
speed 5m/min

(1) The loading car is used for make the steel coil from loading position to uncoiler. At the same time lift oil cylinder, so that the steel coil inner hole is accurately set on the mandrel of the uncoiler, the uncoiler tension, push back to the original position.

(2) Loading car lift type :hydraulic

(3) Oil cylinder model: Y-HG1-E200/120x860LF3-L1o

(4) Loading car working type : 3KW with motor reducer3KW

  • Working pressure: 10Mpa


2One mandrel hydraulic Uncoiler

(1) Structure: One mandrel hydraulic uncoiler

(2) Specification

Coil out diameter Φ1200-2000mm
Coil inner diameter Φ508mm
Strip width 240-640mm
Strip thickness 1.5-8.0mm
Strip weight Max 10.0 TON
Expand type hydraulic expand
Drive motor 4kw, 380V
mandrel rotation speed Nmin=1r/min

customer special requires:

- Skelp Center Feeding Type

- Drum Rotation : AC Motor & Clutch

- Drum Shrinkage/Extention: Hydraulic Type

- Brake :Tension Adjustable Type (Water Cooling Type Disk Brake)

- Skelp : Sensing the remaining skelp & automatic feeding speed control

- Skelp : When the skelp end exiting, design it to avoid the skelp jammed in drum.



3. Straight head machine

  • The equipment is used for lead steel strip into leveler smoothly.

There are pressure arm, shovel head composition. Gantry type, up and down uncoil

  • other requires:

- Coil Car Type : AC motor Drive, Rail Travelling, Rack & Pinion Gear, Hyd’ cyl. Up/down

- Hold down Roll & Pressure Roll : Rotation by Hyd’ motor, Hyd’ cyl. Up/down

- Coil peeler : Forward, Backward, up/down by Hyd’ cyl.

- Coil peeler front Knife : Exchangeable type

- Urethane coating rolls

4. Pinch leveling machine

(1)This machine is used for leveling the steel strip head and end, makes it easy for shear and welder.

(2) Leveling motor:15KW

(3) Pinch roll diameter

: Φ210x900mm, roll material :40Cr,

(4) Leveling roll diameter

: Φ160x900mm, roll material :40Cr,

(5) Leveling width:240-640mm

(6) Pinch/Leveling thickness:1.5-8.0mm

(7) Pinch/leveling Speed :0-11M/Min

(8) other requires:

- Pinch Roll

: Install the entry side guide roll

: Up/down by Hyd’ cyl.

: When the Skelp pass the leveler, the skelp go up automatically.

: AC motor & Reducer Drive

- Leveller

: 6 Roll Type

: Up/down by Hyd’ cyl.

: Use the AC Motor for fine adjustment of top roll pressure

: Use the Rack & Pinion Gear for the left/right alignment

: AC motor & Reducer Drive (One body type Pinch Roll Drive

: Install the gap measurement device of top/bottom roll

(Check it in digital During Setting)

: Install the table between exit of leveler and entry of shear welder. : Idle Roll



5. Shear and welder

(1) Use for shear and welding the steel strip head and ends, ensure the tube mill continuous product.

(2) Steel strip thickness: 1.5-8.0mm

(3) Steel strip width: 240-640mm

(4) Steel strip strength:

δs Yield point ≤345Mpa δb Tensile strength ≤610Mpa

(5) Cutting type: hydraulic

(6) Compress type: hydraulic

(7) Welding type: welding by motorizing move

(8) Brand: shanghai Co2 welder

(9) Hydraulic working pressure:10Mpa

(10) Blade material: H13

(11) other requires:

- Shear

: UP Cut Type (by Hyd’ cyl.)

: Design the bottom to gather the scrap with easy.

: Design the structure to exchange the knife with easy

- Side Guide Roll

: Install entry & exit side to align the skelp center.

: Forward & backward by Hyd’ cyl. And adjust the width by manual.

- Clamp

: Install entry & exit side to fix the skelp.

: Up/down & forward/backward by Hyd’ cyl.(Skelp fix & front/end alignment)

: During clamping after cutting, the center & position are adjustable.

- Welder

: Automatic functioning for cut, Edge Alignment and Torch Movement in serial.

: Automatic movement of Torch forward/backward → Ball Screw + LM Guide + AC Motor

: The welding direction is from operator’s side to the drive side.

: Wire feeding device is for Φ1.2 & Φ1.6 Wire.




6Horizontal accumulator


(1) This machine is between shear welder and host (forming sizing mill) ,use for after a roll of strip steel are used up, before the next roll strip since prepared from uncoiling, shearing and butt welding time to ensure that the host (forming sizing mill) continuous production and store enough strip steel.

(2) Motor brand: WANGPAI

(3) This unit is main include in press& carry material device, accumulator assemble, carry off material unit, electric control unit.


1) Press & carry material device

Press & carry material device: It is main include frame, electric motor, brake unit, circling direction transfer power axle of the reduce velocity, press & carry roll, pressure air system of guide roll, inspected velocity unit; it can supply the strip steel to accumulator and the mean times it will transfer the carry velocity information to electric control system, when we demand stop carry the material to this unit, it will stop roll to the electric motor and press& carry material roll by the break, and also could adjust the velocity to carry electric motor and the unit carry material velocity.

2) Accumulator frame assemble

: Accumulator frame assemble: include the electric motor, frame , inner circle roll, out circle roll and pressure roll. It can be used to storage the strip steel material from press& carry unit and it could be draw from the center send-off material roll.


3) Send-off material device

Send-off material device: include frame, guide direction rolls, guide out roll of high or lower place. It can carry the strip steel to shape system and send the carry out material velocity information to electric control device.

(4) Specification:

1) Diameter: 10000mm

2) Steel coil thickness:1.5-8.0mm; width:240-640mm

3) Carry material going velocity:Vmax=100-180m/min

4) Feeding motor power: DC 90kw Z4-200-31 (maker:WANGPAI)

5)   Accumulator body motor power: AC 15KWX16

6) Storage length:500-1000M

7) other requires:

- Feeding System :Double motors type(C Vector)

- Drum outside Bottom Roll individual driving (AC motor, over 15EA)

- Design the inner roll including support roll & bearing strongly enough.

- When feeding & exiting, design to avoid the skelp distortion & over-load.

(Consider the Twist, Spiral Unit angle & structure)

- When the skelp feeding, the whole length of skelp feeding finished with one time.

- Tube Mill Line Speed Max. 60M/min, The feeding speed must be 3 times higher than the tube mill line speed.

- During the skelp exiting, the entry pinch roll can run backward/forward to do the connecting/cutting the skelp repeatedly.

- Design the accumulator to avoid the skelp damage by contact& abrasiveness during running.

- Design the structure & choose the proper material to avoid the abrasiveness & damage of skelp.

- Design the width adjust screw to avoid the sticking and convenient maintenance.

- Automatic lubrication system for the main bearing part.

- Install the safety cover for the rotary basket outside on circumferential side.

- System control method

: When the skelp end exiting, the automatic stop system connect to the entry section.

: When the accumulator is empty, the feeding start immediately with three times higher speed than tubing speed.

: When the accumulator has the set windings, the feeding speed change to same speed of tubing speed automatically. (No operator inside of accumulator)

: When the shear welding finished button is off, the emergency stop when there is no more skelp inside the accumulator to feed it to the tube mill.

: When the line stop, the skelp feed to the accumulator automatically.

: When the skelp feeding, there must be no tension loose. And feeding/exiting speed must be accurate.


  • Forming and sizing mill

1)basic information:

Conventional Type

- W Bending

Reducer Group Drive Type

- Helical Gear (Carburizing)

- Grade : JIS 2Grade

- Oil bath & Trochoid Pump Type

- Gear Coupling Connection

- Oil Seal : NOK

- Windows to check the inside

U-Joint quick change system (Spare Shafts for Roll Change and B/R Box 1set)

- Connect/disconnect for top/bottom side simultaneously by Hyd’ cyl.

- Design it without level change on connect/disconnect to avoid troubles.


Enrey Side guide & Pinch Roll

- Top/bottom roll 1Set : Fixed type

- Side Roll 1set : Manual width adjustment Type

- Pinch Roll 1set : By Hyd’ cyl. Movement and AC Motor Driving

- Side Roll 2set : Manual width adjustment Type


2Rough forming (Break-down, Cluster) :

- Main Stand : 4set / Side stand : 4set

- Driving Motor power : 160Kw

- Main Stand B/R Box Top Assembling Type

- Use liner on lower B/R Box to adjust the Pass-line

- Manual handle adjust the Top B/R Box and height adjust by AC Motor

(Operator side/Drive side together or individual adjustment)

: Manual Handle, Screw, Worm Gear

- The width/center adjustment of side stand by handle(Shaft Top Support Type)

- Design the stand head & top roll B/R box connecting part with easy assembling/dismantling


3) Refined forming (Fin-pass)

- Main Stand : 3set / Side stand : 3set

- Driving Motor power : 160Kw

- The others are same with the Break down stand.

- Consider the inside bead remover fix position and space

(Exclude the inside bead remover)

4) bottom beds

The bottom beds are two sets for forming stands & two sets for driving parts.

- After welding the whole beds, do the whole annealing heat treatment & top face machining them.

- Design the four forming beds with considering the soluble oil flows & drainage.

: The drainage way width is over 150 mm with slope.

⑧ Design the stands heads remove with easy.

- Spare parts : Vertical Stand Shafts 2 sets(left/right screw each 1set)

(Spare Shafts : Break Down 1Set, Fin Pass 1Set)

- Spare side stand shafts : 2EA




5) Welding part

Seam Guide Stand

- Design the up/down & front/rear move for top & bottom rolls by manual(Idle)

Squeeze Roll Stands : 4-Roll Type

- Side Roll

: Adjust through gear box

: Design the screw safety device for left/right width adjustment.

Design the bearing box exchange with easy.

: Use the AC Motor to adjust the left/right width adjustment.

Fine adjustment will be done by manual.

: Increase the rigidity to avoid the left/right open and broken.

- Top Roll

: Use the AC Motor & screw jack to up/down of whole frame.

: Use the screw handle to do fine adjustment for up/down & left/right.


Outside bead cutter

- 2 Heads Type (up/down by Hyd’ cyl. + Fine Adjustment by handle)


- Use the guide roll for outside bead

Scrap winder for the outside bead

- Torque limit and link type

- Shrinkage/Expansion by air cylinder


Seam Iron Stand

- Idle

- Include the drive system for top/bottom roll stand height adjustment

- The others are same with break down stand.


  • Cooling

Cooling Tank

- The length is over 5Meters and use the bath & shower nozzle type.

- The top/bottom roll locations do not disturb the product movement.

- The outer/inner frame has the welding structure and no soluble oil leakage.

- Design the top/bottom roll & nozzle exchange with easy.

- The soluble oil cooling system : EVAPCON Type




7) Sizing machine


Pull out stand

- Main stand 2Set, Side stand 3Set

- Driving Motor power : 160Kw

- The others are same with the break down stand.

Sizing stand

- Main stand 3Set

- Driving Motor power :

- 4Roll Type

- The others are same with the Break down stand.


Turks head stand

- 4 Roll Type & Stand 2sets

- The Roll Plates are exchangeable type. (Spare Roll Plates 2Sets)

- The Roll Plates move up/down & left/right & rotation and the 4 rolls move shrinkage/expansion individually.

: The all movements through manual handle.


Measuring Roll

- The measuring roll stand locate between sizing stand and turk’s head stand.

- Install it to avoid the R/C interference and damage.

- The measuring roll up/down to contact the pipe by air cyl tightly. (manual)

- Use the cemented carbides

- The encoder type is accuracy & water-proof.

The Bottom Beds are 1 set of sizing stand & two sets of driving parts.

- After welding the whole beds, do the whole annealing heat treatment & top face machining them.

- Design the sizing bed with considering the soluble oil flows & drainage.

: The drainage way width is over 150 mm with slope.




  • Milling saw

1.1 Pipe material:SRT355, SGT355 (STK490, SGH490, POSMAC)

1.2 Round: 76-203 mm, Thickness:1.5-8.0mm

Square:75x75-150x150 mm,Thickness:1.5-8.0mm

(the single side need more than 50 mm )

1.3 Max.line speed: 60m/min ( Cutting length is 7 m,the pipe OD is F70mm, and the wall thickness is 3.0 mm.)


1.4 Production direction of pipe line: right→left (confirm finally)

1.5 Heigth of the line:

The height from the floor to the bottom of the pipe: mm

The height from the surface of the sizing part, which is to install the speed-measuring device, to the bottom of the pipe:

The size of the place where the speed-measuring roller will be installed:

1.6 Pipe cutting length: 4000~15000 mm


1.7 Cutting precision: ±2 mm (Requirement for line speed instability for rolling mill≤2%)


1.8 Quantity of burrs: Max: 0.2mm


2.1 Adopt servo motors.

Driving motor: 37 kw

Cutting motor: 15 kw*2

Feeding motor: 2.9 kw*2

Rotating motor 11 kw


2.2 There’re entrance guide rollers(up and down rollers) on the basement of the equipment. There’re guide rollers (up and down rollers) in front of the blade and there’s a supportting roller behind the clamps.



2.3 There’s a steel brush for the blade, which can be fix or take off to clean the iron chips of the blade.


2.4 The guide rails adopt GCR15 material, there’re two safe buffers.


2.5 Clamp driving structure (hydraulic):


2.6.1 Adopt 3 growps of clamps (hydraulic), and the cooling style of the hydraulic station is water colling or air cooling.


2.6.2 With the equipment, we’ll provide one set of the clamps. The entrance part of the clamps are cone shape, which is designed to avoid scatching the pipes.

2.6.3 There’re signal and size on the clamps.

2.6.4 The sufaces of the clamps are quenched.

2.6.5 There’s cooling shower circuit to clean the chips on the blade and clamps.


2.7 The cutting process is with 5 stages, the cutting speed and the feeding speed are both changeable.

2.8  All the circuit of the equipment satisfy the following requirements.

There’s enough room in the tank chain.

There’s isolation strips in the tank chain to seperate the oil pipes, water pipes and wires from each other.


3. NC Cold Saw Electrical Control requirement.


3.1 Electrical control system


3.1.1 The HMI is a 10〞PROFACE color crystal touch screen.


3.1.2 The cart driving and rotating and blade feeding and blade cutting all adopt siemens servo motors and drivers.

3.1.3 motion controller is M3 series.


3.1.4 Encoder one piece (Switzerland ELCO)


3.1.5 Approaching switches one set (3 pcs)


3.2 Control cabinet one set and control console one set.


3.3There’s an alarm light on the control console which shows trouble alarm.


3.4 An emergency stop button is provided.(A ready singal is needed given to the console and the touch screen shows the touble signals.)


3.5 The crystal touch screen shows the running parameters of the saw and 16 groups cutting parameters can be saved in the controller.


3.6 Control requirements for the interrelated equipments.(There’s flowing controls on the control console.)


3.6.1 According to the defective product signals from the turbine flaw detection to confirm the direction of the defective product and confirm the auto certified or defective product selecting function of the product separating rollers.

3.6.2 Realize the interlock with the sizing part. (Emergency stop, Signals of saw ready)


3.6.3 There’s a defective product button on the control console and whichever state the saw is, press the button, then the product separating rollers will deal with the product as defective one.


9. Run-out table, Conveyor

- The total length of run-out table is approx..25 meters and the roll pitch is 600 mm.

- Drive the AC Motor(3EA) with chain and speed control by inverter.

- The good pipe and bad pipe will be sorted out.

- Inspection skid 4rows x length 2M + Pocket 4rows x width 1.2M

- Bad pipes pocket 6rows x width 1.5M

- Equipped the air cyl. On end stopper.

- The good pipe will be kicked out after sensing automatically.

The bad pipe will be kicked out by the operator.(round pipe)

- The good pipe transferred on the roller conveyor and kick out(shape tube) :

Install the straightening machine By-pass line.

- The Air Blowing system for the outer side of product.

: Electrovalve on/off automatically

: Ring Type Nozzle for the whole sizes compatibility

10. Straightening machine (option)

1. Correction of pipes: maximum yield limit <355mpa

Diameter: Φ76-Φ203mm

2. Roll distance of correction roller: 650mm Throat diameter: 250mm Length: 380mm

Rotation angle: 37.183-43.426 degrees

3. Correction speed: 20-60m/min

4. Motor model: Power: 55kw×2 sets Speed: 1470rpm

5. Reducer model: ZLY180×2 speed ratio: 14

6. Lifting range of the upper roller: 250mm

7. Lifting range of middle and lower rollers: ±50mm

8. The lifting of the upper straightening roller is adjusted by the worm gear box device, and the lifting of the lower middle straightening roller is adjusted by the worm gear box device.

9. The upper and lower beams are of four-pillar support type.

10. Upper straightening roller belt anti-sliding device.

11. The universal joint drive shaft is 160 type.

12. The equipment includes a set of electric control operation box.


11. head chamfering machine(option)


This equipment is used for high-frequency pipe production line and is a special equipment for milling and chamfering the end face of steel pipes. It adopts mechanical and servo drive, and is controlled by electrical appliances to automatically complete the entire process of milling and chamfering the end face of the steel pipe. The structure adopts the form of double-station dislocation (can process two steel pipes at the same time)

composed by:

Power head, power head feed device, power head position adjustment device, clamping device, traverse device, push device and electric control device

In-let Skid

- Skid : 6rows x Approx.5M

- Give the proper slope to transfer the round pipes.


Main Body

- Use the AC Vector Motor to rotate the spindle.

- Use the AC Servo Motor for forward/backward. (Ball Screw & LM Guide)

- Single Head Type (Main Body 2EA)

- The cutting system has two steps speeds(Quick/Slow).

- Cutting Spec’ : BBE(32.5degree), BSC(90degree), BBC(37.5degree)

- Cartridge : 3EA(L/R) (face, Outside, Inside)

- Cartridge supply : 32degree 5EA, 37degree 5EA, 90degree 5EA,

reaming 5EA (L: 20EA / R: 20EA)

- The 7 motor base designed to avoid the vibration during the end facing.

- The plate has the air hole to avoid the chip spattering.

- The Chip spattering cover works by air cylinder.

- Use the compulsory lubrication system to the gear & B/R lubrication.


- Hydraulic clamp (up/down), Air Blowing

- The clamp surface do not make any defects on the pipe.

- The clamp center has the fine adjustment system.

- The rigid clamp do not opened during end facing.

- The clamp jaw will be supplied 1set per each size.

- The clamp raw material is cast steel. (SC49)

- Decide the cycle time according to the tubing speed.

Walking system

- Walking Beam

: 8rows x 6pcs transfer

: Cam rotate type

: The frame and shaft designed strongly enough to avoid the deflection by weight.

: Design to transfer the pipe well between the frames.

: Driving part AC Vector Motor+ Reducer+ Clutch+Brake

: Walking has two speeds(Quick & Slow)

: Keep the alignment & avoid the defects during the transferring the pipes.

- Aligning Roll

: The rolls drive individually and the speed must be adjustable.

: Avoid the collision & damage on roll & V-Block during Walking.

: The V-Block can be adjustable easily according to the pipe size.(Manual)

- Pipe end alignment Stopper

: It has each own frame and has enough rigidity against collision.

Exit side chain conveyor

- 5rows x over 6M

- Geared Motor, Clutch, Brake (Inverter speed control)

- Tension by chain

Inside Air Blowing System

- Spring nozzle type (low noise)

- Size change by manual

- The soluble oil bucket at the end of pipes or return back to the soluble oil tank.

Hydraulic Station

- AC 3.7Kw Motor X 2EA

- Pressure ; Normal 70kg/㎠, Max. 140kg/㎠

- V/V Stand, MANIFOLD BLOCK, Control/Operation V/V & Hyd’ Piping

- Hyd’ Pump : Piston Pump, Hyd’ Piping : Flange Type

- Water Cooler Type




- #1 Desk Touch Screen (HMI) OP 1EA

- #2 Stand Type Touch Screen(HMI) OP 1EA



Hr High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Diameter Max 208mm Thickness Max 8mm 0


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