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Ztl-4x1600 Coils Open Speed 90-150m/Min Steel Slitting Machine

China Hebei Tengtian Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. certification
China Hebei Tengtian Welded Pipe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. certification
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Ztl-4x1600 Coils Open Speed 90-150m/Min Steel Slitting Machine

Ztl-4x1600 Coils Open Speed 90-150m/Min Steel Slitting Machine
Ztl-4x1600 Coils Open Speed 90-150m/Min Steel Slitting Machine Ztl-4x1600 Coils Open Speed 90-150m/Min Steel Slitting Machine

Large Image :  Ztl-4x1600 Coils Open Speed 90-150m/Min Steel Slitting Machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hebei
Brand Name: TengTian
Certification: CE, ISO9001, BV
Model Number: ZTL-4X1600
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Export waterproof and Seaworthy packing.
Delivery Time: 60 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 Sets/Year
Detailed Product Description
Coil Weight: 30t Coil Thickness: 0.8~4mm
Coil Width: 800-1600mm Inner Diameter: Φ508/Φ610/Φ760mm
Outer Diameter: ≤Φ2200mm Slitter Speed: 90-150m/min
Warranty: One Year Material: Low Carbon HRC
High Light:

150m/min steel slitting machine


90m/min steel slitting machine


30t coil slitting machine


Main Technical parameter


1. 原料参数 Material specification

材质 Material 低碳热轧钢卷 Low carbon HRC(Q235, σs=250Mpa,σb=500Mpa ) 板厚 Coil Thickness 0.8-4 mm

板宽 Coil Width 800-1600mm

卷重 Coil Weight ≤30 t

卷材内径 Inner diameter Φ508/Φ610/Φ760mm

卷材外径 Outer diameter ≤Φ2200mm

2. 成品规格 Finished product specification

剪切条数 Slitter number(不含边条 Excluded edge)







Slitter number





4mm 10 120m/min
0.8-3mm 8 170m/min

卷重 Coil weight 30t

卷料内径 Inner diameter Φ508/Φ610/Φ760mm

卷料外径 Outer diameter Φ2200mm

宽度精度 Width precision ±0.20 mm(厚度 thickness 0.8-4)

毛刺公差 Burr accuracy ≤5%板厚 Plate thickness,(0.08-0.20mm)

新刀及合适刀隙 new blade or proper blade gap

3. 开料速度 Coils open speed 90-150m/min 见剪切能力表 (Reference by Slitter ability table)

4. 机组一般数据 Equipment datas

(1) 电源 Power

电压 Voltage 380V

频率 Frequency 60HZ

装机容量 Installed power Approx.330kw

(2) 气源 Air power

压力 Pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa


需气量 Air demand 0.2m3/min(压缩状态 State of compression)

(3) 生产线方向 Line direction 面对操作台, 从左到右 Face the operation console,Left to Right

5. 油漆 Painting 根据需方要求 According to the buyer’s requirement

二,设备组成 Equipment composition 1600x4

设备结构说明 Equipment structure description

1. 钢卷储料架 Coil storage rack


Purpose: to store steel coils to be opened.

结构:V 型结构,钢板焊接,两个为一组用地脚螺栓固定在巷道两侧的基础上.

Structure: v-shaped structure, steel plate welding, two bolts fixed on both sides of roadway.

技术规格 Technical specification:


数量 Quantity 1 组 1 group
承载重量 Loading weight   30t
存放卷料宽度 Store coil width   800-1600mm

2. 上料小车 Coil car

用途: 将卷料运送至开卷机上.

Purpose: to transport the coil material to the uncoiling machine.

结构:小车安装在地坪以下的巷道内,主要由车座及行走轮轴,V 型料架及导向杆,行走减速电机及升降油缸等组成.

Structure: the car is installed in the roadway below the floor, which is mainly composed of the vehicle seat and traveling wheel shaft, v-shaped material frame and guide bar, traveling deceleration motor and lifting oil cylinder.

技术规格 Technical specification:


ü V型托料架由钢板焊接,表面铺尼龙板

V-shaped bracket is welded by steel plate, and nylon plate is laid on the surface

ü 电机功率 Motor AC4KW

ü 升降油缸 Lifting oil cylinder Ø200X850st

ü 导向杆数量4根,直径Ø 110mm,镀铬

Guide bar number four, Ø 110 mm diameter, chrome plated

ü 带管线防护拖链一条,钢轨1副

One protective chain and one pair of rail

3. 开卷机 Uncoiler


Use: support raw steel coil.


Structure: double support type.By the expansion and contraction of the drum, transmission box, transmission mechanism, pneumatic drum brake, roller on the middle slide.When the belt is worn, the motor opens the material head actively. When the production line is working continuously, the output shaft of the decelerating motor disengages through the clutch, and the motor does not work. The coil material is driven by the traction straightener or slitting machine.The uncoiling tension is provided by the drum brake.

技术规格 Technical specification:

ü 三台阶卷筒,涨缩范围分别为Φ470-520mm,Φ570-620mm,Φ720-760mm.涨缩油缸规格 Ø150X100mm,2支.

Drum three steps, increases range of respectively Φ 470-520 mm, Φ 570-620 - mm , Φ 720-760 - mm.

Increases and oil cylinder specifications Ø 150 x100mm, 2pcs.

ü 卷筒减速电机 Drum reducer motor AC4kw

ü 盘式阻尼刹车器 Disc damped brake 2 套 sets .

ü 对中油缸 Medium oil cylinder Ø100X1000mm,2支 pcs.


ü 主要材质 Main material

主轴 Main shaft 40Cr 调质Quenched and tempered

卷筒瓦板Volume pantile plate ZG45 调质 Quenched and tempered

齿轮 Gear 40Cr,调质 Quenched and tempered

机架 Stand 钢板焊接, 退火抛丸 Steel plate welding, annealing shot


4.压料引头装置 Pressure leading device


Purpose: to shovel out the bent material head and introduce it into the traction straightening machine.



Structure: it is composed of roller, roller and plate.Bending roll coating, hydraulic pressure to tighten the roll material head, electric rotation of the exhibition of materials;The shovel head supports the plate with night pressure expansion and hydraulic swing, and the plate head is drawn out by aligning the material head;The bending roll is pushed by the oil cylinder and matched with the support plate of the shovel head to press the plate head straight so as to facilitate the material head to expand into the traction flatting machine.

技术规格 Technical specification:

ü 压辊减速电机 Roller reducer motor 1 套 set

ü 油缸 Oil cylinder 4 只 pcs 5.牵引矫直机 Pull&Straightener

用途:校平板料并将料头送入纵剪机,连线运转时拖动开卷机运行.Purpose: to calibrate the plate material and feed the material head into the slitting machine.

结构: 由 1 对夹送辊,5 只校平辊,机架及传动系统组成.夹送上辊由油缸升降, 5 只校平辊上 2 下 3 布置,上辊电动压下.工作辊由直流电机经齿轮分配箱通过万向联轴节驱动.

Structure: it consists of 1 pair of pinch feeding roller, 5 leveling rollers, frame and drive


system.The clamping roller is raised and lowered by the oil cylinder, 5 leveling rollers are arranged on the top 2 and the bottom 3, and the upper roller is pressed down by electric force.The work roll is driven by dc motor through gear distribution box and universal coupling.

技术规格 Technical specification:

ü 主电机功率Main motor AC55kw,1000rpm

ü 压紧油缸 Pressure cylinder Ø80X60st 2 只 pcs

ü 压下电机 Press motor 1 只 pc

ü 夹辊 Clamp roller 直径 Diameter Ø220mm,42CrMo 镀铬chromeplate

ü 校平辊Straightener roller 直径Diameter Ø160mm,42CrMo表面淬镀硬铬The surface is hardened and plated with hard chromium

ü 碟形刹车Disc brake 1套set 6.板头剪床 Shearing


Usage: cut off irregular plate head for subsequent processing of steel plate.

结构:由墙板,上下刀座,矩形刀片(刀片四面可用),间隙调整机构,同步齿轮轴及驱动油缸组成.手动控制剪切.出料侧带液压摆桥,桥下收集板头.Structure: it is composed of wallboard, upper and lower knife seat, rectangular blade

(four sides of the blade can be used), clearance adjusting mechanism, synchronous gear shaft and driving cylinder.Manually controlled clipping.Discharge side with hydraulic swing bridge, under the bridge collection plate head.

技术规格 Technical specification:

ü 刀片材质Blade material Cr12MoV

ü 油缸 Oil cylinder Ø150X80mm 2只pcs 7. 1#活套桥 Accumulator


Structure: hydraulic double swing bridge, which is composed of curved material frame and swing bridge with roller table.

ü 过渡托辊辊径90-100mm.


Transition roller diameter 90-100mm

ü 辊道之间铺过渡板,便于料头通过.

A transition plate is laid between the rollers to facilitate the passing of the material



ü 摆动油缸Ø100X1000mm 2 只 Swinging cylinder Ø 100 x1000mm 2 pcs

ü 地坑尺寸:长x宽x深=约5000X2200X3000mm

Size of pit: length x width x depth = about 5000X2200X3000mm 8. 导向对中装置 Centering device


Usage: guide the straight direction of sheet material, improve the straightness of cutting sheet material.



Structure: adopt vertical roller guide, mainly composed of screw rod, polished rod, slide seat, vertical guide roller, regulating motor, regulating hand wheel and idler.

技术规格 Technical specification:

ü 导辊直径 Ø100mm,材质为GCr15, 6只.

Guide roller Ø 100 mm diameter, material for GCr15, 6pcs

ü 过辊辊径Ø90mm,辊面镀铬.

Roller diameter Ø90mm, surface chromium plating.

ü 两台电机分别驱动导向轮调节导向宽度

Two motors drive guide wheel respectively to adjust guide width 9. 夹送辊 Pinch roll


Usage: clip feed head to slitting machine


ü 一对送料辊,辊径Φ200mm,辊面包聚氨酯橡胶.

A pair of feeding roller, roller diameter Φ 200 mm, polyurethane rubber roller bread.

ü 下辊由交流电机驱动,带离合装置.上辊被动,油缸升降.


Ztl-4x1600 Coils Open Speed 90-150m/Min Steel Slitting Machine 0

The lower roller is driven by ac motor with clutch device. Upper roller passive, cylinder lifting.

10. 纵剪机 Slitter machine(双刀座形式 double knives base type)



Usage: to cut the sheet material lengthways into various widths


Structure: slider type.By the two sides of the tool, upper and lower shaft, shaft spacing adjustment mechanism, transmission device and so on.Dc motor drives the tool shaft rotation through reducer, gear box and universal coupling, and the motor drives the side tool rest to open and close for convenient tool change.Include quick change knife device .





技术规格 Technical specification:

ü 刀轴规格: Ø250X1750mm,材质42CrMo,表面镀硬铬.

Knife shaft specifications: 250 x1750mm Ø, material is 42 crmo, surface hard chromium plating.

ü 刀轴台肩端跳0.01mm;刀轴径跳0.025mm/1m;刀轴平行度0.03mm/1m

Shoulder jump of knife axle table 0.01mm;Cutter shaft diameter jump 0.025mm/1m;Knife shaft parallelism 0.03mm/1m

ü 刀盘规格Knife disc specification Ø250X380X20mm

ü 刀套规格Knife pouch specification Ø250X290X 各种厚度 differnece thickness

ü 卸料胶圈Discharge of synthetic Ø290X Ø 380,375,372,369 X30,50T

ü 刀盘紧固方式Knife disc fastening mode 螺母 nut

ü 主电机 Main motor AC110kw,1000rpm

ü 调整电机Adjustable motor 2 台 sets

ü 碟形刹车 Disc brake 1 套 set 11. 废边卷取机 edge rewinder(2 台 sets)


Purpose: to collect the scrap edge of sheet material cut by slitting machine


Structure: horizontal.Located on both sides of the production line, ac speed regulating motor drive.It is composed of motor, reducer, rolling claw and discharging device.The edge wire is derived from the tic-tac-toe wheel

技术规格 Technical specification:

ü 卷取废边宽度 Edge rewinding width 3-20mm

ü 卷取重量 Rewinding weight 400kg/ 台 set

ü 卷取速度Rewiding speed 0-150m/min

ü 电机规格 Motor YVP7.5kw,2 台 sets 12.2#活套桥 Accumulator


Purpose: used to control the speed synchronization between slitting machine and winding machine


ü 结构:单摆桥式,由弧形料架和带辊道的摆桥构成.

Structure: single swing bridge, which is composed of arc-shaped material rack and swing bridge with roller table

技术规格 Tehnical specification:

ü 过渡托辊辊径90-100mm,辊面镀铬.

Transition roller diameter 90-100mm, roll surface chrome plating

ü 辊道之间铺过渡板,便于料头通过.

A transition plate is laid between the rollers to facilitate the passing of the material head

ü 摆动油缸Ø100X1000mm,2只

swinging cylinder Ø100 x1000mm, 2pcs

ü 地坑尺寸:长x宽x深=约5000X2200X5000mm

Size of pit: length x width x depth = about 5000X2200X5000mm 13.带钢分离器 Coil seperator



Purpose: guide strip separation

结构:分离器有两组,可横向移出更换隔离片,两组分离器之间安装液压压辊, 防止板条跳出隔离盘.

Structure: there are two groups of separators, which can be moved out horizontally to replace isolation plates. The hydraulic pressure roll is installed between the two groups of separators to prevent the slats from jumping out of the isolation plate

技术规格 Technical speficiation:

ü 分离轴 Seperation shaft: Ø120mmX1800mmL

ü 分离隔盘Sepreation disc:Ø120mmX240mmX6mm

ü 分离隔套Seperation spacer bush:Ø120mmX160mmXHmm

ü 防跳压滚Pressure roller:Ø130X1800mmL 14.张力压台 Tension plate


Use: to produce winding tension, easy to tighten sheet material.


Ztl-4x1600 Coils Open Speed 90-150m/Min Steel Slitting Machine 1

Structure: the tension station is hydraulic pressure table, the oil cylinder is pressed tight, the reducing valve regulates the pressure.The pressing medium is industrial felt.

Presser surface gouge out tooth groove, embedded tightly felt piece

技术规格Technical specification:

ü 压料台尺寸Swaging size 1800X250(长Lenght X 宽 Width)

ü 压台升程 Swaging lift >150mm

15. 3 辊张力挤毛刺机 3-roll tension burr extruding machine


Purpose: to add tension and squeeze burrs

结构 Structure:

ü 3辊式,上2下1布置,上辊固定,下辊由油缸或螺杆升降机升降.

3 roller type, upper 2 lower 1 arrangement, upper roller fixed, lower roller by oil cylinder or screw lift

ü 辊径Φ180mm,材质42CrMo镀铬.

Roller diameter Φ180 mm, the material is 42CrMo chrome plated 16.转向辊+喂料托板 Turning roller + feeding holder


Usage: the steering roller is installed between the tension station and the rewinding drum to form the Angle of rewinding and wrapping.



Structure: the steering roller is chromium-plated on the surface, and the end part is equipped with speed gauge plate.The supporting plate is raised and dropped by the cylinder. The surface of the supporting plate is chrome plated

  • 收卷机 Recoiler



Usage: rewind the material after slitting.

结构:上收式,卷筒由主轴,楔形滑块,拉杆,钳口,弧形板等组成;卷筒采用直流调速电机驱动旋转,油缸驱动径向涨缩,弧形板带夹紧钳口 .卷筒上设有液压 卷带分离器可随钢卷增大而自动上升,收齐料卷并能始终压紧钢卷.带有气动


刹车装置.带液压推板,辅助卸料 .卷筒后侧带液压辅助压料板,辅助压紧料头.Structure: the roller is composed of main shaft, wedge slide block, pull rod, clamp mouth and arc plate.The drum is driven by dc speed regulating motor, the cylinder drives radial expansion and contraction, and the arc plate has clamping jaws.The hydraulic tape separator on the reel can automatically rise with the increase of the steel

coil.With pneumatic brake device.With hydraulic push plate, auxiliary unloading.The rear side of the drum is equipped with hydraulic auxiliary material pressing plate and auxiliary material pressing head.

技术规格 Technical specification:

ü 卷筒正圆Drum round Ø508mm(有缝式 Have seam type)

ü 卷取重量 Coil weight 30T

ü 卷取直径Recoiler diameter Ø2200mm

ü 卷取动力Recoiler power YVP132kw,1000rpm

ü 涨缩油缸规格Expansion and shrinkage cylinder specifications:Ø180X100mm,1


ü 主要材质Main material

主轴Main shaft 42CrMo,调质Quenched and tempered 楔形滑块Wedge block QT500,调质Quenched and tempered 瓦板 Roofing plate ZG45, 调质Quenched and tempered

机架 Stand 钢板焊接,退火 Steel plate welding, annealing

齿轮 Gear 40Cr,淬火 quenching 18..收卷支承 Recoiler support


Purpose: to support the cantilever end of the reel to increase its rotation rigidity under







Structure: closed door structure, the conical hole set on the cylinder driving support is


on the uncoiling conical support roller. 19.卸料小车 Unloading car


Usage: remove the slitting coil material from the reel drum of the winder

Ztl-4x1600 Coils Open Speed 90-150m/Min Steel Slitting Machine 2


Structure: the car is installed in the roadway below the floor, which is mainly composed of the car seat and walking wheel shaft, idler and guide bar, walking speed reduction motor and lifting oil cylinder.With anti-inverted rod.

技术规格 Technical specification:

ü V型托料架,钢板焊接 V bracket, steel plate welding

ü 电机功率 Motor AC4KW

ü 升降油缸 Lift oil cylinder Ø200X850st

ü 导向杆数量4根,直径Ø 110mm,镀铬 Guide bar number four, Ø 110 mm diameter, chrome plated

ü 带管线防护拖链一条,钢轨1副 One protective chain and one pair of rail

20.一字臂卸料装置 A WORD ARM

卷重:30吨 coil weight:30 ton

旋转方式:液压 Rotate type: hydraulic

21.刀具,隔套,胶圈,分隔盘及分隔套(按剪切 10 条配置)

Cutting tool, spacer, rubber ring, separator disc and spacer sleeve (with 10 cutting strips)

  • 刀盘 Blade disc

  • 隔套 Spacer sleeve

3) 卸料胶圈 Unloading rubber ring

4) 分隔盘 Separator disc

5) 分隔套 Spacer sleeve


22.液压系统 Hydraulic system



Provide the execution power of machine parts.

The production line is equipped with a set of centralized pump station, and the valve blocks are installed nearby on the fuselage

工作压力 Working pressure 12Mpa

工作介质 Working medium N46 抗磨液压油 Anti-wear hydraulic oil

交流电动机 Motor AC11KW 1 台 set

冷却方式 Cooling type 风冷 Air-water cooling 23.电气系统 Electric system

电源:三相五线制交流 380V±10%;控制电源为交流 220V 和直流 24V.

Power supply: three-phase five-wire AC 380V± 10%;The control power supply is AC 220V and DC 24V

逻辑控制:PLC .

Logic control: PLC


Drive: frequency converter drives clamping straightening motor, slitting motor, winding motor and edge wire winding motor.




Synchronization control: the slitting machine is used as the main speed, and the speed of uncoiling, winding and slitting is synchronized through the speed measurement feedback at different working points


Working mode: adjustment, manual, automatic


Functions: speed display and control, length display and length in place stop control, fault diagnosis, safety alarm, etc.

硬件配置 Hardware configuration:

上下料手持操作盒 2 个,操作台 3 个,控制柜 2 个.

2 hand operated boxes, 3 work stations and 2 control cabinets for loading and unloading

Ztl-4x1600 Coils Open Speed 90-150m/Min Steel Slitting Machine 3


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